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Jule Tricine Gels


Available in Mini, Standard and Large size Gels!


  The above gel image shows the separation of proteins on a 10% to 20% gradient mini gel. One could expect even better resolution using a Large Size gel.  The Tricine Gel buffer system uses different upper and lower running buffers, which are offered by Jule, Inc. (see running buffers).

    Jule Tricine Gels are ideal for the separation of low molecular weight proteins ranging from 50,000 Daltons to 2,500 Daltons.  Jule Tricine Gels are available in mini (8cm x 10 cm), large (16cm x 18cm and 18cm x 20cm cassettes), extra large size for the Ettan Dalt and Protean Plus Systems. 

    Tricine ions migrate ahead of the smallest proteins and as a consequence improves the separation of smaller size proteins. Tricine will not interfere with sequencing, therefore Tricine gels are an excellent choice for direct sequencing from PVDF membranes. In addition to good transfer efficiency, the Tricine system has a lower pH, which minimizes unwanted protein modifications. 

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