Jule Precast Polyacrylamide Snap-GelsTM

Single versus Gradient Concentration Gels


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Single Concentration: Gradient Concentration:
     Use low acrylamide concentration gels for larger molecular weight particles. Increasing the acrylamide concentration decreases the gel pore size. 

     Single concentration gels are provided with a 4% stacking gel layered on top of a higher concentration resolving gel, except for TBE Gels, TBE/Urea Gels and gels ordered with a flat top for two-dimensional electrophoresis.  A 3% stacking gel is available upon request. 


Jule, Inc. will pour any single concentration gel.

Prices start at $9.95 each for mini gels. 

     Gradient gels provide sharper bands and they separate a broader range of molecular weight sizes on the same gel.  Gradient gels have a lower concentration of acrylamide at the top of the gel and the concentration increases uniformly (linearly) to the bottom of the gel.  That is, the gel pore size decreases from the top of the gel to the bottom.  Use the gel photographs here to aid in your selection.


Jule, Inc. will pour any gradient range.

Prices start at $10.50 each for gradient Gels

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