Part Numbers for Jule Precast Mini Snap-Gels

                 Mini Gel, Cassette, Comb, and sample locating decal

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Please follow the 7 steps below to create a catalog number for the Gels you need.  Call us at 1-800-648-1772 for assistance.

Here is a sample part number:  12W15HMC10Y

Step 1.

Enter Acrylamide Gel concentration: 10, 12, gradient, .. your choice

Select Acrylamide Concentration:  We will pour almost any single concentration or gradient concentration gel.  
   12 = 12% Specify any single concentration. Single concentration gels with sample wells are provided with a 4% stacking gel layered on top of the resolving gel.
420 = 4%-20% gradient (Pick any gradient you need).  Not sure what percent acrylamide gel to choose? Click here

Step 2.

Enter a bold letter from right: D, W, N,... etc.

Select the Gel Type:  (learn more about buffer systems)
D = Tris-Glycine Gels with SDS.
 W = Tris-Glycine Gels without SDS.
N = Tris-Borate-EDTA (TBE), (Gel Buffer is: 0.090M Tris, 0.080M Boric Acid, pH 8.3, 0.0026M EDTA). TBE Gels typially not supplied with a 4% stacking gel.
U = Urea/TBE Gels ( Same as N Gels, with 7 molar Urea added). TBE/Urea Gels do not come with a 4% stacking gel. 
T = Tris-Tricine Gels. Ideal for small proteins from 2.3 to 100 kD. (Gel Buffer is: 1.0M Tris-HCl, pH 8.45, 0.1% SDS). 

      A = Tris-Acetate Gels.  Long Shelf Life (8 months).

       B = Blue Native Gels. New! Ideal for study of protein-protein interactions and very hydrophobic proteins, such as membrane proteins, their complexes and super complexes. (as described by Schagger and von Jagow, Analytical Biochemistry (1991) 199, 223-231)

Step 3.

Enter: 75, 10, or 15

Select Gel Thickness:
75 = 0.75 mm thick  (Great for blotting and they stain quickly, in 15 minutes)

    10  = 1.00 mm thick  (Standard thickness for most applications)
  15 = 1.50 mm thick   ( More durable and more sample can be loaded)

Step 4.

Enter: HM, M, or BM

Select your Running Apparatus:     
HM = Hoefer Mighty Small, SE250, SE260, SE280, Hoefer Mini VE,Thermo EC120, Fisher Biotech FB VE10-1, or Owl Penguin P8DS 
     M  = Universal Cassette.  Fits Fisher Scientific Apparatus (Formerly Life Technologies/ Invitrogen/Novex), XCell I, II, and Surelock,  CBS models MGV-302 and 402, Sigma Aldrich E5889 Vertical Unit. 

 BM = Universal Cassette. Fits into Bio-Rad Mini Protean II, Mini Protean 3, Tetra and Dodeca cell.

Step 5.

Enter: C10, C15,...etc.

Identify the Number of Sample Wells you want:
C10 = 10 sample wells
C15 = 15 sample wells
C1 = 1 well. The top of gel is flat and a sample well for standards is not included.  The resolving gel is poured 1cm from the top (.5cm from the top for mini gels) to create a flat top for prep and 2D work (see 2D gels) .  The C1 designation does not include a stacking gel.  If a stacking gel is desired, you must specify it.
C2 = Same as C1 except there is also a sample well (for loading a protein standard) at one end.  Available on mini gels with 1.5mm gel thickness only size GelsThe C2 designation does not include a stacking gel. If a stacking gel is desired, you must specify it. 

      C0 = no sample wells (mini gels poured 1.5 cm from top).

Step 6.

Enter: Y, or S

For Tris Glycine Gels only:
Y = One year shelf life, fast running. Uses Tris-Glycine running buffer. pH 7 Gels. (New Product as of Sept. 2015)

        S = Standard, 2 month shelf life. Uses Tris-Glycine running buffer. Gel buffer is: 0.375M Tris-HCl, pH 8.8  (standard Laemmli Gels)


All Other Gel Types:  Ignore this step

Step 7. 

Copy entries from above steps here!

This is your Gel Part Number.

 Place an Order

Copy your entries from steps 1-6 (in that order) into step 7 and print out.
           This is your part number. For special requests include a note with your order.

Does Your Part Number Look Similar To This Sample? 420W75HMC10Y
Mini gels are sold 10 per box or 2 per box.
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