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Jule Snap-GelsTM fit into the Thermofisher (Formerly Life Technologies/ Invitrogen/ Novex) Electrophoresis Apparatus! 


 Decal for easy loading!

Get Results!

Jule Snap-Gels use less buffer than Invitrogen Gels.


Pay less for Gels and shipping and get better results than Life Tech. Gels.



Insert spacer provided by Jule, Inc. to obtain leak tight seal.

Insert the Jule Snap-A-Gels.

Jule Precast Gels run in 40 to 55 minutes as compared to 1.5 hours for competitive gels! Jule Gels fit in the old and new Invitrogen Apparatuses: XCell I and II, and Sure Lock!  The XCELL Surelock (TM) Apparatus above is sold by Life Technologies, who acquired Invitrogen/Novex Corp. 


1) Choose Gel Concentration

2) Build Gel Part Number

3) Gel Prices

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