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Jule Precast Gels for the BioRad Protean II Series Electrophoresis Units.

Jule Large Gels with sample wellsJule Large Gels with flat top for 2D electrophoresis

Use proper Gaskets and Clamps for the BioRad Protean II, IIxi and XL

Bio Rad Protean II xi Gasket vs Protean II XL Gasket Bio Rad Protean II xi Clamps Vs Protean II XL Clamps

BioRad xi and XL gaskets
Top is xi gasket followed by XL gasket below it.

biorad xi and xl clamps
1) Use the standard xi Gasket and xi Clamps when using gels supplied with wide  (2 cm wide spacers) to properly seal the upper buffer from leaking.

2 Use the XL Gasket and XL Clamps whenever using gels supplied with the 1.0 cm spacers, such as for 2D Gels with 18 cm wide gels.

3)The BioRad Protean II and Protean IIxi can each be converted to accept the XL Gasket and XL Clamps.  Gasket and Clamps can be purchased from BioRad (entire conversion kit not required).

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