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Jule Patented Plastic Cassette and Mini Gels!

-  Jule cassettes are made from a special plastic material which does not inhibit the polymerization of polyacrylamide.  The combination of our special material and proprietary process for producing gels enables us to provide precast gels that generate ultra sharp bands.

-  The cassettes are made by molding two cassette halves that are bonded together. The leak tight bond is made on 3 sides of the cassette.  This enables us to pour gel solutions into the cassettes without leakage.  The Snap-Gel Plastic Cassette design minimizes production costs, therefore prices are lower than gels made in mini glass cassettes.  A comb is inserted to form sample wells or gels can be made with a flat top for 2D work.  A decal is provided for easy viewing of the sample wells for sample loading.

-  Before electrophoresis snap off the bottom tab.  See instructions provided with your Order. The bottom edge sits in the lower buffer. Fits into many apparatuses.

              Jule Mini Cassette, Snap off bottom before electrophoresis      Jule's Universal Cassettes fit most apparatuses                 

A decal is provided for easy viewing and sample loading.


Jule Precast Gel assembled into the Hoefer SE250

After electrophoresis the cassette is opened using a screwdriver to pry the cassette halves apart.

Pry plastic cassette apart after electrophoresis to access gel.       

Get Results! Gel 10 to 20% Gradient


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