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  Mini Gel prices are as follows: 
Mini Snap Gels TM
Description Quantity/ Price Mini Gel Cassette and decall which shows sample well locations  Mini Gels are individually packaged in gold colored foil packs.  Mini Gel Stand holds 4 mini gels
Only $9.95 each, 5 for $45.00,
Part #  3010, Cassette Stand, Mini, 4 slots
Single Concentration Gels: Tris-Glycine, Tris-Tricine, TBE, TBE/Urea. 10 Gels/ $99.50
  2 Gels/ $ 22.00
Gradient Concentration Gels: Tris-Glycine, Tris-Tricine, TBE, TBE/Urea.  10 Gels/ $105.00
  2 Gels/ $ 24.00
Tris Acetate Gels  10 Gels/ $120.00
  2 Gels/ $ 28.00
Blue Native Gels  10 Gels/ $128.00
  2 Gels/ $ 28.00
For best results use Jule, Inc. sample and running buffer.  See Sample and Running Buffer Part Numbers (click here).

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