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Bind Silane is a coating that is applied to one of the glass plates and allowed to cure for a period of time. Bind Silane causes the gel to adhere to that glass plate.  When the gel/cassette is taken apart after electrophoresis, the gel will remain on the glass plate containing Bind Silane.  This is ideal for those who are using low fluorescence glass cassettes to image 2D gels and perform spot picking.  Often Repel Silane is applied to the opposite glass plate in order to make it easier to open the cassette.
Repel Silane is a coating that is applied to glass to assure the gel does not stick to the glass plate.  This helps to minimize the possibility of tearing the gel when the gel cassettes are taken apart.  Repel Silane can also be applied to both plates.
Spot Picker Reference Markers are small circular (5mm diameter) stick-on dots that are applied to one of the low fluorescent glass plates (typically applied to the plate which has Bind Silane applied). When imaging 2D gels the Markers help to establish an x-y coordinate system for locating proteins during spot picking.  The Markers are attached to the glass near the spacers as shown in the gel image below.  Typically 2 markers are applied to the glass, however, a 3rd marker can be placed near the bottom of the glass upon request. 

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